0.1-alpha - ICO

The Human Foundation

It has always been theoretically possible to have full oversight of good causes. In practice, the Opakeco Foundation has learned that this is never the case. Over time, however, the feasibility of making this vision into reality has grown by leaps and bounds. With the coming of blockchain technology, digital transparency could be reached. And now with Ethereum smart contracts and the possibility to issue tokens, the Opakeco Foundation finally has a way to make its vision a reality.


Charity resource chain verification

Most if not all charities are transparent regarding their goal, but not on how this goal is reached. People are expected to believe a charity at their word.

In the view of the Opakeco Foundation, this cannot be the case for humanitarian causes. Any decision to help humanity should fully consider the ethic and moral chain.


The Opakeco Platform

An easy to use and intuitive platform, where the foundation aims to remove most technical hurdles for token holders to interact it.

The most important feature of the platform is the ability to vote with Karmo tokens.

Additionally, all internal communication will be made available on the platform. The communication logs are made available every 24 hours. Other data, such as income and expenses, will also be made available to token holders through the platform.

The platform will also facilitate sending aid to humanitarian causes. Token holders will be able to trade their tokens for aid, ranging from food packages to medical supplies to complete infrastructure projects.


The Opakeco Foundation takes transparency very seriously. All communication within the foundation and from the foundation towards any external party will be made made available to the token holders.


All causes should be held accountable. The Opakeco Foundation believes that this form of oversight keeps the activities of an organization aligned with it goals.

Decentralized Decision Making

Consensus is key in decision making. The Opakeco Foundation spreads the power to decide over all its contributors, and uses smart contracts to enforce fair tallying.


Meet the team

Akash Parmesar

Visionary entrepreneur with a passion for cryptocurrency and humanitarian causes.

Jackie Xu

Computer scientist and entrepreneur with a love for new technology and charity.

Rene Ammerlaan

Communications expert with a passion for cryptocurrency and cyber security.


Akis Karamanlis

Creative innovator with a passion for charities.

Iskander Mos

Gifted storyteller with a passion for new technologies.