opakeco for donors

Making sure your donations are well spent

The opakeco platform

Keeping track of what happens with your donations has always been difficult. Even though many charities regularly publish proceedings, it is often impossible to see exactly how they spend their money.

The Opakeco Foundation intends to change this through the development of the Opakeco Platform. The platform can be used to donate to charities and for charities to buy relief goods using said donations, essentially creating a closed loop. We leverage blockchain technology to achieve full accountability.

Why use the Opakeco Platform?

  • 100% to charity

    Donations made through Opakeco can only be spent through the platform, ensuring your donation is spent on relief goods or another form of humanitarian aid instead of on paper.

  • Integrity

    All charities are thoroughly screened by professionals before being able to make use of the Opakeco platform. We will rate each charity so you can decide if the charity you want to support is transparent and accountable enough.

  • Accountability

    All transactions made through the Opakeco platform are accessible for anyone to review. Tracking what happens with your donation will be as easy as tracking your mail order.

Introducing Karmo

Karmo is the virtual currency used to make transactions through the Opakeco platform. It can only be used for charitable means as Karmo can only be converted to physical goods or other forms of humanitarian aid through one of our associated partners. This ensures full accountability as to how your donations are spent.

Using Karmo

Karmo can be used in the following ways:

  • Governance

    Each Karmo token you hold gives you a vote which can be used to steer the Opakeco foundation.

  • Donation

    Karmo tokens can be sent directly to associated charities, giving them full flexibility on how best to spend them.

  • Direct exchange

    You can exchange your Karmo tokens for physical goods through one of our associated partners and have them sent directly to those who need it most.

Talk to us

The Opakeco Foundation welcomes any and all input and feedback!

Feel free to contact us at any point should you have anything to say or a question to ask. Our team mebers will be glad to answer all your questions.